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    Why do you choose Aviation?

    I was born into aviation. Growing up with my mom as a flight attendant and then pursuing my own dreams of flying began in high school when I started flying lessons that led to studying aviation operations in college. From the cockpit to the galley, to ground control, I am fascinated by this innovative mode of travel. As I have grown to love luxury myself, private aviation has become a perfect career match for me.

    Years of experience?


    Relevant experience:

    8 years of hospitality experience, • SkyAngels SKYacademy * General Emergency Crewmember Training * G550 Training * In-flight Service Training * Hospitality & Etiquette Training CPR, AED & Heartsaver * FAA COVID cleaning & safety requirements before & after the flight * Food Safety & Handling * Aviation Operations at San Diego Miramar College * 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training (Youth, Adult & Prenatal) * Certified Doula I have been privileged to serve on a G550, G500, and a few Falcons.

    Fun fact about yourself:

    I have a passion for health, wellness, sustainability, and design. With the experience of running my own eco-fashion line, I somehow always find a way to weave all of the above into my work whether it is in the sky or on the ground. I believe it is important that the finer things in life are able to take care of our bodies and look out for the planet.

    Favorite boarding snack/welcome buffet to prepare:

    Seasonal charcuterie boards for the win! I love finding fresh farmer’s markets and local pairings to create a delicious spread that appeals to the eyes and appetite.

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