Meet Heather Ruiz

City, State:

FBO of choice:

Willing to relocate:

Culinary Arts Experience:


Additional Certification:

    Why do you choose Aviation?

    My passion is in the service I provide to my clients. On land, at sea, or in the sky, I am proud to serve my guests with heart and thoughtfulness. With aviation, the sky is the limit. I am here to reach that limit and push even further to ensure that my guests and fellow crew are experiencing a pleasant and relaxed time under my care.

    Years of experience?

    5 Years

    Relevant experience:

    I have been a contract flight attendant for 5 years with my most recent experience on a G650. I have been privileged to serve on board a number of G550s, G450, and a few Challengers. My service extends into the yachting industry as Chief Stewardess on 2 106ft Motor Yachts, and 3 76ft SunSeekers.

    Fun fact about yourself:

    I love Disney. The foundation of my abilites is built on my time with The Disney Company. It was a privilege to spend two years learning the Disney Way of providing hospitailty through Magical Moments and experience. I use that same training in everything I do, looking for the magic in this world and creating it myslelf with every opportunity. I attribute my success and award winning hosptality skills to where I got my start, at the most magical place on Earth.

    Favorite boarding snack/welcome buffet to prepare:

    I love to have refreshing watermelon sprinkled with mint and lime prepared for when my guests arrive. No matter the time of day or year, it is always a great treat and start to the experience. It goes without saying that our generation loves to make Charcuterie, crudite, and grazing boards of all styles and I love to whip together an arrangement of everyone's favorites to enjoy. This is also a very clever way to sleuth out what your guests like and maybe don't like as much for other meals and snacks without ever having to ask them.

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